Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sims Social Concert coming to a backyard near you!

What better way to tell that special sim you care by jumping on stage and serenading them. Let everyone know they are the plumb bob of your eye.

By trial and error, I have found that the basic TV stands make the best stage. Depending on how big you want your stage will determine how may tables you will use. For my stage, I used 9 tables and laid them horizontally, as seen in the picture. Once those were placed, I put my musical instruments on the stage (I wish I didn't sell my amplifiers) and lights in front. If you notice in the picture, I have no lights in front of the Keyboard. When I placed lights there, the Sim could not get to it.

Now that your stage is set and ready to go, get up there and play with feeling!

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